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Japanese Skincare Set

Japanese Skincare Set

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The Japan Sakura Cleanser effectively purifies pores to effortlessly eliminate dirt, oil, and makeup while diminishing blackheads. Infused with Prunus Lannesiana Flower Extract and Niacinamide, it not only hydrates but also rejuvenates damaged skin, offering defense against aging.

Our Sakura Toner and Essence Milk are enriched with Prunus Lannesiana Flower Extract, Niacinamide, and Hyaluronic Acid, deeply replenishing skin moisture, repairing damaged areas, reducing spots, and brightening skin tone, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and hydrated.

This Japan Sakura skincare package includes a cleanser, facial mask, toner, essence milk, eye cream, face cream, and more, catering to all aspects of skincare. Each component complements the others, providing holistic care for the skin.

By combining multiple skincare products into a set tailored to meet customers' skincare needs, we streamline the shopping process, reduce individual product transportation costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.

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